This space heater for fingers probably won’t burn your hands off

Forget those non-tech hand warmer packs, gamers, because the Danes have a gadget solution for your sad, frozen hands. A company called Envavo has designed something called the Heatbuff, which basically works as a highly targeted space heater for gamers’ hands. They put it on Kickstarter this week. I wasn’t aware that gamers’ hands got cold while gaming, or that they needed to be kept warm, but I guess this is a legitimate issue. There’s even a three-year-old Reddit thread about it. If a Reddit thread exists, clearly it’s a fact.

The Heatbuff is an infrared short wave heater, which again, translates to space heater. It starts at $71 and is designed to keep fingers warm either between matches or during them.

Now, Envavo says it’s doing...

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via The Verge
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