Vergecast Live at SXSW Part 2: Films, Fasten, and Pandora Premium

On Sunday, Nilay and Dieter brought The Vergecast to Austin, TX for South by Southwest 2017 and streamed it live on Facebook.

Today we did it again! This time, we welcome culture reporter Megan Farokhmanesh and senior editor Chris Plante on to talk about what happened so far in the culture world at SXSW, most notably the film festival.

Also, with addition to more tech news that’s happened since Sunday, we open the floor for questions from the audience.

01:58 - Atomic Blonde is a good movie improved by an exceptional soundtrack

04:54 - The new Pennywise terrified the young cast of Stephen King’s IT reboot

14:54 - A short film gets to the heart of being targeted by an internet mob

25:14 - Paul’s weekly segment “Stronger Together


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