Doppler Labs lawsuit claims that Bose backed its Kickstarter to copy its headphone tech

Doppler Labs, the startup behind the Here One earbuds, has filed a lawsuit against Bose, per a report from TechCrunch. The suit alleges that Bose’s Hearphones, which offer a similar augmented pass-through listening feature as the Here One’s, are based on Doppler’s own earbuds.

The suit notes that Bose’s senior manager of Idea & Portfolio Management, Chris Miller was an early backer on Doppler’s original Kickstarter of the Here Active earbuds as well as one of the first customers to place an order for the Here Buds. Doppler claims that this interest in its products was “an attempt to gain early access to a competitor’s technology” by Bose.

Doppler also points to a series of meetings with Bose executives last summer, where it met with...

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via The Verge
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